The Sardinian jewel is a ornament of stunning beauty and of precious handmade manufacturing.
Everything is originate from two twisted gold threads, that are just the significance of filigree, from which are made jewels that have an ancient and magic history.
But to stand the test of time the myth need to be keep alive with the divulgation and with a proper knowledge by its users.
Only with an appropriate knowledge handmade techniques that follow an accurate regulations, that rarely change during the time, you can appreciate the value of filigree jewels.
Such knowledge is and will be the true cultural safe and technique of the Sardinian goldsmith tradition. Only the valuation and the requirement of the observers will ensure that the industrial temptations won't win over the magical and rigorous handmade gestures.
You need to know the myth of the filigree to find the most secrets significance of Sardinian's Jewels: is Prendas.
In the tales is told that the fairy, inside their houses called “Domus de Janas”, weaved gold and silver threads to make wonderful jewels.
The jewel is the symbol of love and eros and the “Prenda de Oro” (the gold jewel) is the metaphor of the woman.
The goldsmith's art of Sardinia, as a matter of fact, is full of symbology referred to woman and maternity.
Since the nuraghe's period, the Sardinian people used to wear ornament for the body like rings, necklaces and buttons.
Afterwards, with the arrival of the Phoenician, gold was introduced into ornamental manufactures.

La filigrana di Sardegna

domino gold filigree