You can't never see them. They approach only to children, during the night, in their cradle, to give them the good luck.
Jana, like Diana, goddess of the moon. You can't never see them but if in the night, while you're sleeping, you listen someone who is calling you three times, they bring you to see their huge treasures and if you will try to touch them
...everything will become dust.
They are the Janas, tinies fairy of Sardinian legend and if you close your eyes, in the night without the moon, you will listen their melodic singing while they are shaping their magic jewels of gold filigree.

Pictures of Domus de Janas
They live underground, inside houses dug with steel nails.
They are tinies, not more taller than a hand span.
Beautiful, wrapped in their purple-red cloaks.
They go out only after midnight, So that the rays of sunlight don't damage their snow-white skin.
They are the Janas, little fairy of the Sardinian legend.
Inside the Domus de Janas, their tinies caves, they weave linen and tailor fabrics embellished with magic embroidery of filigree, two twisted thin gold threads, with whom the Janas shape their jewels. And while they are weaving and twisting the filigree, their melodic singing shed through the night.
They keep huge treasures of gold, pearls and diamonds.

Domus de Janas

Domus de Janas
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